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What is domain and hosting ? To understand this we have to understand different between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

What happens in traditional marketing? If a person want to start a business in his city. he will go to the property dealer who will provide him a land with name.what you will do you will make a building to put all your product for sale and put a name of your of your shop.The name of the shop in digital marketing is known as domain name and the building which you made to put your product for sale is known as hosting.?The name of your website on internet is unique and is your identity on the internet and is known as domain name and is used by any user across the world to access your website by typing the domain name in their browser.for example is the domain name of google. is domain name of my website. is the domain name of the hostinger. is the domain name of sitehosting club.

And when you create a website you create some file and the file required space to be placed. The space where all the files of your website are stored is known as hosting.

The space and other facilities of a hosting provider is different for differnet plan and is decided by hosting company.

You can buy both hosting and domain from one place or you can buy both form two different company.If you buy hosting and domain from two different company then you have to replace name server of your domain as per the name server of your hosting company. I will explain it in the coming paragraph that how to set nameserver.

but where to contact to purchase domain and hosting in digital marketing? if you will search for hosting and domain provider you get a huge list of hosting and domain provider ? and you will be confused which to buy ? A lot of them will offer for free hosting and domain?

but according to my personal opinion never go for free because free hosting has always some limitations ? and as beginner and student you have to explore a lot of plugins and themes ? when you will install more than 5 to 6 plugins or a heavy theme it will result into errors and prompt you to buy a paid hosting ? The target of free domain and hosting is to force you to buy a paid ? and when you will go to buy the charges will be very high?

I have tried almost all the free company and always found some drawbacks ? After a lot of efforts I came to conclusion that if as a beginner you want to buy domain and hosting then for domain go for hostinger and for hosting go for sitehosting club .

To purchase a domain follow the following steps

  1. click on hostinger.
  2. search for a domain name as per your wish and check for availability. it will show list of all available domain name with their the one which you want to purchase
  3. on the next page fill up your basic details like your name , email address and your communication address.
  4. In last page you will get an option for payment through debit card, credit card and netbanking.
  5. pay the charges of your domain and you will get an email of confirmation and login detail of your hostinger account.
  6. you can login in your hostinger account using your user id and password provided in your welcome email id.
  7. you can check details of your domain name like your renewal charges and setting of your domain name.

To purchase a hosting follow the following steps

  1. click on sitehosting club .
  2. click on the hosting plan which is suitable for you.
  3. enter your domain name which you have purchased from hostinger.
  4. proceed on the next page and fill up your basic details like name , email id and address.
  5. proceed on next page and pay your fee as per your hosting plan with debit card,credit card or net banking.
  6. you will get a confirmation mail with your control panel link ,user id and pasword.
  7. you will also get two name server of your hosting company. These name server require when you purchase domain and hosting from two different companies
  8. login to your domain provider means in your hostinger account. click on your domain name and click on manage DNS and replace the name server of hostinger with name server of site hosting club.
  9. login to your control panel using your user id and password .

Installation of wordpress

  1. in control panel , scroll down and search for wordpress icon.
  2. click on icon ,an installation window will open
  3. enter a new user id and password for your wordpress.
  4. click on install.
  5. type your domain name with a slash followed by wp-admin and click enter.
  6. it will prompt for userid and password.
  7. enter your user id and password which you have entered during wordpress installation.

If you do not want to buy ,make your pc a local server .

how to make your pc a localhost click here


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