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cycling is a form of aerobic exercise which is essential to keep body and mind fit and active. Anybody of any age group can go for cycling early in the morning before sunrise. Cycling is more useful for those individuals who are not interested in walking/jogging and running. It is a form of comfortable exercise and you can change intensity and time according to your ease.

Challenges and Motivation

The main challenge for starting any type of exercise is to get up early in the morning because you can avail benefit from any exercise if you are performing it early in the morning before sunrise.

to keep yourself motivated for cycling keep a activity tracker with you which is easily availabe in the market on affordable price. The activity tracker is very interesting and it tells speed of your cycle, map of your route travelled and the distance travelled by you on daily /monthly keeps log of your all activity.

Benefit of Cycling

Improves physical and mental health.

Reduces probability of high blood pressure and heart attack.

decreases bone injury.

increases muscle strength.


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