How to install wordpress on Localhost

How to install wordpress on Localhost

To use local host for wordpress installation is very easy if you know the right steps otherwise it is very complex but dont worry you are at right place just follow the steps mentioned below and it will be done

  1. Install Xampp on your pc ,go to start button , type xampp, open xampp click on start button in front of apache and phpmyadmin. .
  2. Go to Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress and download wordpress.
  3. Decide on which project you want to work after installation of wordpress.
  4. Suppose you want to work on a school management project.
  5. Rename the wordpress file as schoolmanagement.
  6. type localhost/phpmyadmin on browser.
  7. Navigate to database
  8. Type schoolmanagement at the place of database name and click on create.
  9. Now your database and wordpress file both are created at the name of schoolmanagement.
  10. Navigate to local disk c then to xampp folder and then to htdoc folder.
  11. Copy the schoolmanagement wordpress file and paste in htdoc.
  12. open schoolmanagement wordpress file and open config.php.
  13. you will find a option of database name put schoolmanagement there and leave the password blank if anything is written in the column of password.
  14. now type localhost/schoolmanagement.
  15. a window will open asking your installation language click on english and continue
  16. The next window will tell you what data is required in coming steps just click on let’s go.
  17. The next window will ask following information. fill all the info as written below.

  • Database name schoolmanagement (in my case fill your database name)
  • User name root
  • Password root
  • Database host localhost
  • table prefix _wp

18.  click on submit.

19.  click on run the install

20.  now a window will open where you have to fill the userid and password of your admin area. you have to remember it.

21.  fill the following info as mentioned below

      • Site title brand name of your site
      • User name as per your choice
      • password twice as per your choice
      • your email your email id
      • click on privacy

22. click on install wordpress.

23. after installation you will get success message.

24. click on login button in bottom of success message.

25. enter your userid and password provided in step no 21.

you will enter in your admin area

To know more about your admin area and to learn wordpress step by step just click here.

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