It is a form of aerobic exercise which is essential to keep a human body healthy.

The Best time is before sunrise in the morning and the right place is an open place which may be a park or an open ground.

The biggest hurdle is not to wake up in time by pressing the snooze button of alarm again and again.

It do not mean that you have to run at a speed of 100 km/hr. Just wake up early in the morning, wear your apparel and leap out from our bed and come out from your home and start walking and after some time start jogging. after a few minutes, you will find your self running and you will be surprised to see the distance covered by you in some minutes.

The problem with most people is that they plan to run from the morning and in the next morning they press the snooze button of their mobile.If they wake up they start running from first day and found themselves tired and leave forever. After running perform some exercise and do some yoga and meditation.


Track Your  records

To track your records and keep yourself motivated for running please use activity tracker which are available in the market on affordable price.

You can use your mobile phone to track distance covered by you in a day/month. A lot of apps are available in mobiles to track different types of activity. I personally use the Samsung health app which is inbuilt on my mobile. With the help of this app, you can see your active time, Number of Steps traveled by you in the current day, and in the current month. You can track the number of calories burnt in different types of sports and exercise like Walking,  Cycling, Badminton, cricket, Basketball, Circuit training, Yoga and another different type of exercise.



Make a group of people who are also interested. Give him time and start running together. In a group, you will run a long distance without feeling.

always start from walking and end with relaxation exercise, yoga, meditation so that you can enjoy the running.

You can also play some indoor games like badminton after completing the running.

Have a break of one day in the week. the break does not mean you have to sleep. on the day you want to have a break simply walk and do some yoga and meditation

Read motivational book


Benefit of running

  1. Refreshes mind.
  2. Prevents disease.
  3. Burn plenty of calories.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Decreases stress.

The best and most important thing for running is to take a balanced diet. to know about a balanced diet in detail click here

If you are finding difficulty in managing the balanced diet use our ayurvedic product thunderblast.

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Benefit of Thunderblast

  1. your friend of running.
  2. Remove all type of physical and mental weakness.
  3. useful in paralysis.
  4. open nerves blockage
  5. Improve strength of nervous system

to read more health article click here.


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