What is general setting of wordpress dashboard?

What is general setting of wordpress dashboard?

In wordpress general setting is used to configure basic data related with the website.

follow the following steps to open the general setting

  1. login in admin area using your user id and password.
  2. go to setting and you will find following option

  • general
  • writing
  • reading
  • discussion
  • media
  • permalink

click on general and a page will open where you can configure following details regarding your website

(a) Site Title: Write title for your website.It is identification or brandname of your website.

(b) Tag line: write a few word about your site.

(c) WordPress address(url): write url of your wordpress directory.

(d) Site Address(url): write the url which you want that your user will type in browser to access the site.

(e) Administration e-mail Address: write your email address here.

(f) Membership: tick the check box if you want that visitor of your site can register on your site.

(g) New user Deafault Role: define the Role of the registered user. There are 5 types of user role Administrator,subscriber,contributor,editor,author

(h) Site language: select the language in which you want your site to be published.

(i) Time zone: Select a time zone according to your country.

(j) Date format: select a format of date in which you want to display time on your website.

(k) Time Format: Select a time in which you want to display time on your website.

(l) Week starts on : select a day from which you want to start your calender week.

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